About Us

RUNS Management Sdn Bhd is a credit recovery and management company owned by 100% Bumiputera partnership, consisting of an experienced recovery officers known as tele-collector, specializing in Banking, Telco, Education, Utilities, Insurance, Commercial and Debt Purchasing Sectors. Despite the fact that our company is still fresh, our Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Operation Manager nevertheless has an outstanding experience in government tax assessment, banking and commercial credit company background respectively. In addition, our Chief Executive Officer has an experienced directly involved in early delinquent to non performance loan accounts, partially write-off to write-off accounts for credit company, conventional and Islamic banking concerning of PDPA, IFSA, AMLA, and FDCA practices . On top of that, our Chairman was a former State Director of Customs for Sarawak and Johor with over 30 years of experience.

Our current clientele varies across countries, continents and vertical business segments from Credit Finance, Local Authority Council and Education.


In accordance to our slogan, “Your Liability Is Our responsibility”, our mission is to provide Debt Collection Services in a systematic, professional and civilized manner that would result in a trade-off situation for both service provider as well as the consumers at large. In order to ensure our mission to be achieved successfully, we characterized our service into the followings; Interactivity – We are always on alert in order to ensure and maintain a well relationship between the clients and us. Progressivity – We are always keeping our clients up-to-date on the speed and progress of the collection movements Customers’ Value – We treat our clients and potential consumers as our valued assets thus they are invariably on top of our priority


At RUNS Management, our vision is to be recognized as the most reliable debt collection agency in Malaysia, focusing on debt collection services for large financial institutions, but also caters for the individuals. We strongly conclude in saying no to thousands of tasks, so that we can really centre on the few that are truly extensive and consequential to us. We as well visualize our company to be an organization with the highest level of recovery performance for our clients professionally. This vision is meant to be achieved by our strong ethical values and principles.